Hello, I'm Nicky Raby.

Welcome to my online portfolio

of my portfolio career.

I'm a trained actor,

personal branding coach,

creator, speaker and podcaster.


My work on a daily basis can look very different. I may be with a 1:1 client, I could be filming or performing as an actor, or delivering a speaking gig, writing or creating content, or sitting down for a deep conversation with my dream podcast guest.

Your Pic 'n' Mix Coach

I love helping people doing more of what they love.

One of my secret skills is helping you to

bring your big ideas, plans and dreams to life.

For the last 25 years I have done that through my acting work.

And for the last decade I have supporting thousands of people worldwide through my content, my coaching, my speaking and podcast.

I specialise in helping to create a pic n mix of life and business. One that

aligns with your goals, personality and circumstances and works with them.

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The Podcast:

Launched in 2018 and over 700 episodes

Heard worldwide

Over 120 interviews with Authors, Founders, Digital experts, Content creators, Creatives and Wellbeing experts

Recently featured on the iTunes charts top 100 in Germany, UK, Vietnam, Estonia, Netherlands, South Africa, New Zealand and Thailand.

Listen to some of the brilliant people I have interviewed...


Speaking to a live audience (online or in person) is one of my favourite things to do. I am a professionally trained actor with over 30 years of public speaking experience. I have worked extensively in the mainstream media and digital world building my podcast.

I am a story teller; I love breaking down concepts. I deliver excellent open questions and frequently hear attendees say ‘Ohhh now that makes so much sense, I’ve never heard it said like that before’.

I bring warmth, energy and kindness to everything I do because I want you to have a great experience. I am also very practical and support you through the next steps'; because I don’t want you to just learn and know the thing… I want you to do and be the thing!


Headline that hooks people in, gets them excited and makes them want to sign up.

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