3 months working together

In my own life where I wear many hats. I am a good juggler and multi tasker but sometimes I need a different type of focus. I need to carve out the time.

If I want to see real progress and a shift, I need to commit. Yes, a session or two can be very impactful but then what? I know my growth happens when there is wiggle room, consistency, commitment and regular accountability.

P.S In April 2022, I signed a contract for 6 months for a hot yoga studio. Disappointingly, I quickly realised, it was going to take more than a few classes to get to the bendy version of my dreams:) But I got myself on the mat (even on the days I didn't want to and had the most magnificent excuses at the ready!)

Now almost a year later and over 150 classes down, I am finally seeing development. Plus my core strength seems to have reappeared from wherever it was hiding.

How I can help...

Supporting you to bring clarity to your vision. To not only turn up the brightness on what you want but to bring some cohesion.

To find the common threads. To create your own version of success; this is not about ticking boxes or doing something reluctantly because it looks good on paper. This is about feeling good and  ‘it looks good on paper’… but in reality, it feels rubbish and doesn’t work for me.)

To create your own income pie that devised based on how you want to work, how much you want to work and how much you want to get paid and have a plan to make that happen. 

To bring energy and vitality into your next chapter. To create a blend of life and business that suits your circumstances so you feel in ease and flow ( The last few years have definitely shown that there are many moving parts of life. Instead of hiding our circumstances, we must embrace them and work with them.  Not everyone wants to work 9-5pm. Some people prefer early mornings or 3 longer days. Or everything in person. Or everything virtually. We can create our own unique blend so we can be enjoying our lives rather than feeling squashed and stressed about them.) 

To schedule your day/week to suit you. Maybe you need to grow your business in nap times. Perhaps you are a night owl. Or an early bird typing away when the house is quiet (me). 

To be assured that you can always create what you need; money, opportunities, excitement, fulfilment. You can make things happen as and when you need to/want to. (You don’t have to wait for 4 months for a reply to sign something off). To have some accountability ; a sense that you are actually doing this. To experience the power of a sounding boarding and a safe place where you can document your process; the highs and the trickier bits. To be who you are in the world. To rewrite the rules and grow organically without the restrictions of outdated beliefs. 

These containers will give you time and space to thrive. To gain clarity. To  build. To experiment. To explore. To learn. To implement.

This is about you...

I don't operate a one size fits all or have an agenda for our time together.

We can use the 3 months to work on one big project; get it off the ground or if established... take it to the next level.

Or you may want to work on lots of different elements of your personal brand.

My support is completely bespoke

The process

The first step is to book a declare and share session so we can get to know each other. In this free session, we can discuss what you would like to achieve and you can give me more information. All information is completely confidential.

Declare and Share


15 Mins
Tue, Mar 28, 2023

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Once you are ready and happy to proceed... please make the payment below.

Pay in full £3000 or 3 x £1100 payments

Working together

Once payment is received, I will compose and share a written document of your brief that highlights everything we discussed in our free session.

This will be a great reference for us both to remain on track and on purpose.

Our time together:

1:1 coaching:

Each month you have two hours 1:1 time. You can split this time into two sessions or book a two hours strategy session.

Unlimited access:

You have unlimited access to me for 3 months (available Monday- Friday 9:30am -5pm... messages will be responded to within 24 hours)

You can email/what’s app (I love a voice note!). We can be in contact everyday if you like. Use me as a sounding board, an accountability partner, another set of eyes, a reminder that you are actually doing the thing. I want you to be blown away by how many moves you make and can’t wait to cheer you on every step of the way.

Additional resources:

If I can support you further or speed up the process, I will add in some additional resources from my resource library to avoid extra hours (that you probably don't have) on google.


Before your sessions in months two and three and I will be checking IN so I can fully prepare for your 1:1 sessions.

Ready to go?

Pay in full £3000 or 3 x £1100 payments

With a busy client list, I ask for a 24 hour notice if you need to reschedule. Otherwise the session will go ahead.

Under extenuating circumstances, I will do my best to be flexible subject to availability.

In the rare event the coach needs to reschedule, 24 hours notice will also be given.

I operate a no refunds policy, all sales are final. All sessions will begin and end punctually. Please see below for full terms and conditions

The services to be provided by the coach to the client will be via zoom and designed jointly with the client. Any recordings made will be emailed to you the client and deleted once sent and received.

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