If you ask me what I do, I can describe my income pie; I earn money by acting, speaking, coaching, podcasting, collaborating, creating, writing and connecting.

But I am also:

A Mum, a partner, a daughter, a sister, a pal, a big dreamer, a seeker, a deep thinker and mainly an introvert.

I love storytelling and it runs through every thing I do. Sometimes I am telling the story; as the actor, or during on my mini series for my podcast… or using tangible examples in my talks. 

Or sometimes I am helping you with your story through my coaching. Over the last decade I have helped thousands of people to speak up. To declare what it is they want; to make it real and make it happen. 

More than ever, so many of us want to carve our own path in life. We want to (and need to) create our own blend of life and business.  We don’t want to just tick other people’s boxes. We want to create our own which takes bravery, tenacity and clarity. 

We have to know what we want -which sometimes takes some work. 

Sometimes that means beginning again. Looking at all the components of your life and business and rearranging them to make a new picture. 

This is a place for you to begin the next chapter. To fully acknowledge what makes you happy; what is your version of success? 

Maybe you are the same? Chatty? Creative? Always bubbling with big dreams?Maybe you have a constant stream of ideas and you want to bring them to life...

Maybe you know it is time to switch things up a bit?

You have a sense there is more for you.

A elevated version of your life and business. Maybe you have a day dreamed about a different way of living and working?

One that suits your personality, your goals and your circumstances?

Maybe you just want to spend more time doing things that bring you joy, happiness, energy and feel like you?

You are in the right place... it is time to Speak UP and Step UP: 

I am full of questions - with the hope of some answers.

I love moving; running, walking, hot yoga, dancing at a wedding, in the garden with my kids or alone like no one is watching...

One of my favourite local spots is Hampstead Heath; for the last 22 years it has become an unofficial mentor and helped me to create some of my best ideas or gently provide a feel good solution.

I am a Northern who has lived in London for the majority of my life. I have proudly kept my flat vowels. I love exploring this city and my knowledge of TFL continues to surprise. I can guide a pal to the right night bus at 2:20am but I can't remember where I put my keys :)

My home and space is so important to me; I love slow days at home with the kidlets; cooking and hanging and with lovely family and pals sitting around our table. We recently moved house and I have loved the process of creating a new nest.

A few thoughts:

I feel like I am just getting started at 41 (maybe I will feel like that at 71 too- I hope so) For the last 25 years my career has delighted me in the most amazing ways. I love being able to navigate a diverse portfolio career. However lots of it hasn't been easy so I am committed to sharing my knowledge and always wish to hold the door open for the next person in the way I have received such generosity.

The internet is mainly a wonderful place. I love its possibility. The internet has transformed the way we live and work. Stories and opportunities that felt very far away as a child growing up in a village now feel accessible and connective. I love that I can create and not just wait (and you can too). Often there was that sense that you had to be patient and wait for your turn but these days if you have an idea you can just begin and bring it to life.

I endeavour to make my work work. I love my work so I fortunately don't have that resentment so many have; but I am committed to worker smartly and not just hard because I love my life too. Sometimes that means my days consist of lots of different elements and sometimes the juggle is very real. However figuring out what my version of success in life and business is (and consistently reassessing this question) has been game changing because there isn't one version.

I have helped thousands of clients with this question. Understanding their truth is the foundation work to the next step. Knowing what you want to be, do, have and feel is extremely useful and can aid you to make purposeful steps rather than just being busy.

I am on a mission to continue to support as many people globally as I can, so they can do more of what they love and less of what they don’t. I often ask that question 'How can I be useful' and you will always find free podcasts, videos, content and ideas.

You can also work with me 1:1


I love stories; learning, ask questions, listening, being curious, exploring.

Navigating my own portfolio career means I need to remain sharp and inspired so whenever I 'go to work' in my various roles, I bring a toolbox of methods and skills. I love growing my podcast so I can share more stories. Alongside the mini episodes; I speak to authors, founders, digital experts, creatives, content creators and wellbeing experts.

I want to add a new spin on the coaching industry; one that is full of heart and understanding. No templates. No sleazy sales techniques. No unethical formulas or underhand tricks that GUARANTEE(?!)success. I want to help you to build a personal brand that aligns with your life in a time frame and way that provides the results you seek; on your terms.

And before today:

I trained as an actor at Mountview and won the Jim Broadbent scholarship. I got an agent and two jobs back to back at our West End showcase so left five months early.

I trained with the Coaching Academy and have a diploma in coaching.

I launched my podcast in 2018 and since created over 700 episodes. It is frequently on the top 100 iTunes business podcasts and listened to worldwide. It has been downloaded nearly 250k times.

As a speaker; I have worked with BBC, Google, Stylist Magazine, Stylist Live, Nat West, MTV, The Collective, The Olympic Village, Huckletree, Digital Mum, Arcadia, Citizen M, The Townhall, Shoreditch, Kingston University and many more.

As an actor; I have worked across television, film, theatre and commercials internationally.

As a content creator; I have written for The Stage, Motherland, Koru Kids, Digital Mums, Clementine App, Dettol, Zooki, Make Motherhood Diverse, Selfish Mother and Raising Films.

I have been interviewed on numerous podcasts including Lifetise, Live Three Sixty, Motherkind, 365 Day Social, Pause Purpose Play, The Creativity Campus Podcast.

I have hosted many workshops delivered for; Century Club, The Conscious Beauty Union, Hunter Collective, Build your Brand with PR, Iconic Offices, Heaps + Stacks.


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