Ask me anything

Back by popular demand (my inbox has been flooded with questions in 2023)

I am delighted to be offering a handful of 'ask me anything' sessions per month.

These are not my traditional strategy sessions, for information on those, visit here

My 'ask me anything' sessions are exactly that...

however I assume you know a little bit about me, so you don't spring any dinosaur questions or periodic table symbols on me :)

These sessions are for you to pick my brain, get a second opinion, ask someone who understands, explore options and then make an informed decision, go through your website, role play (in a non-cringe way - I promise but just help you to feel confident and connected to what you are saying) a part of your business that feels sticky etc.

Basically I want you to be able to make some moves and be able to notice and feel a difference from our time together.

Here are some topics you may wish to explore:

Going through your website. Building a personal brand. Content. Podcasting. Speaking. Increasing your prices. Building an online presence. Creating an income pie. Digital entrepreneurship. Technology. Pitching and selling yourself/services. Building a portfolio. How to spend your time most efficiently. Passive income. Building a pricing menu. Getting visible. Parenting and freelancing. Acting. Creativity. Being a coach.

I have been a coach for a decade and freelance for almost 25 years.

I have worked with thousands of clients and reached hundreds of thousands of listeners my podcast.

The sessions are all online and 45 minutes long. They are recorded so you can keep and revisit.

Come with one question/area you would like to explore or 20 questions and I will do my best to leave you supercharged.

Plus you will get free access to 'Supercharge your Goals' (usually £20)

All sales are final, please read full terms and conditions below.

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