The other ‘plans’ need to come after the big energy plan. Big energy wants you to feel like youe. The unstoppable you. The ‘you’ that is clear, focused and in alignment. The one you gives themselves permission to have a go, to experiment, to do things imperfectly, to be in the game and ultimately make moves for maximum joy!

When I discovered that ‘motivation’ wasn’t a person that was going to pop round and hype me up when I needed them… I knew I needed a big energy plan. 

Of course, as always there isn’t one way. There isn’t one plan that you need to execute perfectly. You will need different things on different days. This is not a step by step formula. This is more like a cupboard of exciting things you can choose from and use and enjoy when needed. 

This course will help you to build your version of big energy… It is packed full of ideas, exercises, tools and encouragement. 

From here, you can build your own pic ‘n’ mix of big energy. 

I know you want to do big things, as do I. But we all need some support to actually do them. 

Our minds are powerful and loud and sometimes not in support of our visions. 

Perfect for you: 

If you struggle to get startedIf you want to make some significant change and it all feels very overwhelmingIf you have all the ideas but struggle to make progressIf some unfriendly parts of your brain get in the way of you moving forward i.e. self doubt, imposter syndrome etc

If I feel good I am likely to do good. However I don’t always feel 10/10 good so I need some support to manage my state. 

 This plan is packed full of supportive, encouraging videos designed for you to create momentum. 

Yours to tap into whenever you need a boost…A reminder of you are, what you are capable of and what you know you are meant to be, do, have and feel… All delivered with kindness, encouragement and some big energy from me to you…

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