For the last ten years I have helped 1000s of people

through my pic n mix sessions.

These sessions are completely bespoke. I don't have an agenda for you or a one size fits all. This is about you and the results you want.

How I can help:

Supporting you to bring clarity to your vision. To not only turn up the brightness on what you want but to bring some cohesion. To find the common threads. 

To create your own version of success; this is not about ticking boxes or doing something reluctantly because it looks good on paper. This is about feeling good and  ‘it looks good on paper’… but in reality, it feels rubbish and doesn’t work for me.)

To create your own income pie that devised based on how you want to work, how much you want to work and how much you want to get paid and have a plan to make that happen. 

To bring energy and vitality into your next chapter. To create a blend of life and business that suits your circumstances so you feel in ease and flow ( The last few years have definitely shown that there are many moving parts of life. Instead of hiding our circumstances, we must embrace them and work with them.  Not everyone wants to work 9-5pm. Some people prefer early mornings or 3 longer days. Or everything in person. Or everything virtually. We can create our own unique blend so we can be enjoying our lives rather than feeling squashed and stressed about them.) 

To schedule your day/week to suit you. Maybe you need to grow your business in nap times. Perhaps you are a night owl. Or an early bird typing away when the house is quiet (me). 

To be assured that you can always create what you need; money, opportunities, excitement, fulfilment. You can make things happen as and when you need to/want to. (You don’t have to wait for 4 months for a reply to sign something off). 

To have some accountability ; a sense that you are actually doing this. To experience the power of a sounding boarding and a safe place where you can document your process; the highs and the trickier bits. 

To be who you are in the world. To rewrite the rules and grow organically without the restrictions of outdated beliefs. 

These containers will give you time and space to thrive. To gain clarity. To  build. To experiment. To explore. To learn. To implement. 

I have worked with so many types of people over the years;

here is just a selection:

Founders, Creatives, Journalists, Leaders, Stylists, Speakers, CEOs, Digital experts, Healers, Teachers, Medical professionals. RuIe Makers (Lawyers) and Rule Breakers (Monetising non traditional careers; curating a portfolio career on their terms) Innovators, Technology Trailblazers, Dreamers, Foodies, Raconteurs, Game changers, Artists, Designers, Storytellers, Strategists, Wellbeing experts, Band Members who want to become Solo Artists (aka 9-5ers to want to create their own gig)

Sometimes it is time. It is time do the thing. To give it my time, energy, focus and efforts. And guess what happens; I get the results I want. Maybe not immediately. Maybe imperfectly. But definitely full of impact.

How would you feel if these next months was the turning point of your business and life? 

The time that in years to come, you would look back and simply smile and say

‘Yes that is when things began to change’. 

Maybe you are getting the niggles now and they are regularly visiting… 

‘I have this idea’ … the constant whirring of creativity and possibility and the sense of ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if’

‘If not now, then when” maybe you have reached a milestone in your life and you know it is time to switch things up. 

‘I know I can do this, I just need a plan’ … making moves can be challenging and feel stretchy so breaking down the process into manageable steps can be so supportive.

‘X, y and z no longer works for me’… a change of life’s circumstances often require a different route or a rearrangement of priorities. 

This is your opportunity to begin today.

To create a business + life that suits your goals, personality + circumstances and that feels good…

… you are in the right place and I would love to support you. 

Even though, you may be apprehensive. You may have some fear. You may not know all the answers. You don’t feel perfect and like you have the ‘right’ amount of time, money, energy, knowledge etc. You are in the right place. 

There have been many times in my own life when I made the decision to commit (imperfectly). I chose to declare it. I got the support I needed and I dedicated my energy to the process (again imperfectly as I am a busy Mum too). There is something magical (it is confirmed every time) about opening up a period of time (I love three or six month windows) to what you want. To not wait for something to change but actively make a choice to make it real and make it happen. 

Whenever I begin a process with a client, I like to know what their version of success is i.e. what do they want to take away from this time together. How will they glean if it is a ‘success’.

Our beginnings together will focus on building strong foundations and as Stephen Covey’s says’ beginning with the end in mind’. Once you know where you want to go; it is much easier to plan the route. 

Ultimately I want this process to feel good so you can do good. Yes an experience that challenges you but one that makes you more of who you really are. 

These months are bespoke to yours. I will be with you every step of the way (this is why this process is by application only).

Choose your option: