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I love working 1:1 with my clients.

This is the place to build your own pic n mix version of success that feels good.

I want you to be, do, have and feel everything you want.

You don’t have to wait, you can begin now…

What's in your pic 'n' mix?

Hello, I'm Nicky and I'm your Pic 'n' Mix coach.

I help my clients to build life and businesses on their terms; to be in alignment with their goals, their circumstances and personality.


Maybe you know it is time for a reshuffle? Some dedicated time, space and energy thinking about what you want?

Maybe you sense there is a better way - perhaps you are doing all the things and very busy but you are don’t feel fully compensated; financially, emotionally, spiritually.

Maybe you reach Friday night and on reflection, realise that very little of your working week is spent doing what you love and the niggle of ‘Maybe things could be different’ won’t leave. Maybe it is time to make some moves?

Maybe you have some big goals that you want to reach but they feel very distant. Your current reality doesn’t make space for those and you are keen to find a way to change that.

Maybe you would like to work in a different way. Maybe your life and business feel a little clunky and instead you would like to welcome more ease and flow so you can earn the money you desire but also not be burnt out and exhausted.

Maybe you just know it is time and you know things won't just happen. So it is time to make some moves...

I have been a professional coach for a decade and a professional pic ’n’ mixer (aka I have always had a portfolio career) for nearly 25 years. I have coached thousands of clients personally and reached hundreds of thousands around the world with my podcast - The Success Pic ’n’ Mix.

From my experience, here's what I have found..

There isn’t a one size fits all. We are all so different. So therefore, your only job is to work out what your version of success is. Now, I know that can be a daunting task, but I am here to help. We can begin gently and carefully.

It is ok and it is crucial to check in and assess what is going on. Not only because we change as we age and we want different things but also because our circumstances can change. Sometimes our lives can feel outdated and therefore a bit sticky as we try and grapple with old versions. Carving out some space to explore will provide so much information and therefore support you to navigate the next chapter.

Life and business need to talk to each other. To find balance can feel like an unobtainable task so instead, I love to use the word blend. Our current times require us to be flexible, nimble and provide huge value. We also have the beauty of technology and internet that we can utilise to create incredible impact and a robust, creative income pie.

I believe in simplicity, The work I do with clients is about building from strong foundations that can be transformed into practical action.

I believe...

You can start now, you are ready. We don’t have to wait until the beginning of the year, we can begin the process now. You can do this imperfectly. You can ease yourself in.

You being honest with yourself will create a positive ripple effect. It isn’t selfish.

This work requires you to answer some big questions; what you would like? What your version of success is? How would you like to make money and help people…

We have to start with planning our lives first before our businesses; for many of us, we can’t ignore our adult responsibilities. So I encourage my clients to work with them; to use their unique situation as a super power. For years, so many people have squeezed their life and business into an outdated model which doesn’t suit them. We do things differently round here :)

My work with clients always begins with a blank piece of paper… I have no agenda. Together we slowly add the parts of your life… your wants and needs. How you want to be, do, have and feel?How you can work and live so your goals, personality and circumstances thrive? What you can offer to create income and how you can offer in a way that brings out the best in you.

We have to build a success pic ’n’ mix that is actionable. Formulas don’t work for everyone. We all learn in different ways. So many of us know the life coaching tools but they are useful we can implement them.

You are important and progress can be quick. There will be a way to make this happen, you just need to commit to beginning and then the progress.

Introducing some of my elements from my pic 'n' mix...

Freedom and choice

Creating my own schedule

Daily enjoyment (no hump day chat or dreading Mondays)

A portfolio career

Be available for opportunities

To be creative. To be with my children To create ease and flow

To collaborate. To meet my money goals. To connect and collaborate

To tell stories and create impact

One of my favourite phrases is

‘Turning up the brightness’


I think sometimes we don’t make changes because they can feel overwhelming or out of reach.

Turning up the brightness allows you to spend time with your vision. To really look at your picture of ‘your version of success’ and get to know it.

And the exciting news is I can then help you to create it, embody it and live it.

This work comes from my own experience...

I remember being a teenager and making a decision (even though I had no idea how to action it). I wanted to explore what it would be like to actually love my business (I didn’t have a business then, just an understanding I would need to work and earn money) and life.

I didn’t want to be relieved at hump days or bank holidays or spend my work days counting down the hours to my next day off; I wanted to enjoy it all.

For the last nearly 25 years, that’s always been my north star. To create my own pic n mix and to help others to create theirs.

Are you ready to do this?

Here's how I can help...

Let's combine your life and your business...

Your life...

Firstly I help you turn up the brightness on your life and business - what would like? What would you like to be, do , have and feel?

Secondly I support you to find clarity. What is the ideal version of this? How could you tailored your wish list to work with your personality, circumstances and goals.

Your business

We explore how you can work in a way that feels great but is also in keeping with your life. A way that shares your unique experience, skills, talents, personality and value.

I want to show you how you can create offerings that not only support your ideal clients but allow you to not only meet your money goals but your life goals.

There are four stages to this


Building strong foundations. Understanding what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Pricing and Packaging

Building a robust income pie and pricing menu so you can work in a way that works with your life.


Marketing, sharing your work, creating sales, building your audience etc


The ‘I am going to knock my own socks off’ list. I encourage you to play big here. To expand. To build. To create. To go for the ideal version. To be audacious in your thinking.

You will have your own objectives that you want to gain in our work together but here are a few that you can add into the mix…

Be personal and present; so you are here in the here and now in your life and business; enjoying the big and small things.

Be abundant; in every area, not just money. To have an overflow of energy, ideas, vibrancy, humour, creativity… to name a few.

Be booked; to know that you can create income whenever you need it and in a way that suits your goals, circumstances and personality- to be in your ‘zone of genius’ as Gay Hendricks says in ‘The Big Leap’.

Be scaleable; to help more people. To do deeper work. To earn passively. Whilst remaining energised and in flow.

Be flexible. Because you know life… alongside our big dreams, we likely have adult responsibilities or unexpected events so if we can be nimble, it can lower our stress levels.

Be intentional, be responsive, be lively. You have the opportunity to use your voice, to contribute, to be in the mix…

I have worked with so many types of people over the years; here is just a selection:

Founders, Creatives, Journalists, Leaders, Stylists, Speakers, CEOs, Digital experts, Healers, Teachers, Medical professionals. RuIe Makers (Lawyers) and Rule Breakers (Monetising non traditional careers; curating a portfolio career on their terms) Innovators, Technology Trailblazers, Dreamers, Foodies, Raconteurs, Game changers, Artists, Designers, Storytellers, Strategists, Wellbeing experts,

Band Members who want to become Solo Artists (aka 9-5ers

to want to create their own gig)

I am constantly surprised and delighted with the variety of people I have the honour of working with.

Next steps...

I offer a variety options to support you and each experience is tailored to you.

We begin with a free strategy session; an opportunity for me to find out more about you; what you would like, your goals, the support you would like etc

This session is great for exploring options and you can ask questions.

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Beginning the process...

Based on our conversation, I will suggest a plan going forward; however how that plan is delivered is up to you and based on your capacity.

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