Mastering the skill of creating consistent, impactful and engaging content has changed my business and therefore my life. 

I have been creating content online for over a decade and it provides so many benefits: 

Growing the know, like and trust factor… if people see you regularly they get to know you. They hire you. They engage with you. That relationship flourishes on both sides. You don’t have to cold call or be a sleazy salesperson. You welcome an influx of ideal clients. Your business grows when you are sleeping. Once again you don’t have to rely on just your input; you can create a wonderful library of content that can be assessed and enjoyed at any time of day, in any time zone. You can show your ideal clients how you can help. Content allows you to give your audience the backstage tour; you can share your value, your style, your flavour…

However I know it is a muscle you have to build and then sustain. 

There are questions… what should I post? When should I share? Will anyone see it? ‘I am not consistent’ - I know life can get in the way so I will show ways to create a rhythm so you don’t have an all or nothing approach. ‘I don’t want to be online all the time’ Neither do I :) Let’s look at ways you can show up consistently without feeling like you need to show up all the time. 

Content isn’t going anywhere, we are all searching out more… and more of what we want. The alorgiam isn’t giving us any clues as to how to succeed - it is keeping its cards close to its chest so it is up to us. We need to find a way to thrive; to engage, to help and support. 

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