The Goal Setting One




Here’s where we go inside the programme:

It’s your time and space to explore what you want to be, do, have and feel.The course will not only cover your life wants but also where you are taking your personal brand next. We always start with your life first so you build a business that supports that and doesn’t conflict with your values.

We find a way to begin now with imperfect action.

I don’t want your dream life to be somewhere in the distance that feels out of reach…I want you to begin now at a rhythm and pace that works for you.If you want to see growth and change in your life; I invite you to take a 360 degree holistic approach.

This is about building strong foundations that will support your next transformation. We look at everything from habits, behaviours, action, environment, energy, mindset, schedule etc so you begin to feel like you are carving your own way. Rather than ‘success’ being someone else’s version.We put together your ‘success toolkit’ so you feel tenacious and resilient to embark on this next chapter.

I know we read a lot about ‘overnight successes’ that are filled with nothing but positivity but often the reality requires more from us.We bed in our work and gain clarity to the practicalities; what do this version look like on a day, week, month and yearly basis, Once you have a strong idea of the ideal version; you will always have a base level to work with.

A 6 month vision and strategy. At this point you may not have the big entire vision for your life but it will be the beginning. A place to sow the seeds, clear the path and welcome what you want to grow.

To step into your zone of genius as Gay Hendricks says. Our education system likes us to look at what’s not working but instead, I want to develop what is and take it further.To begin the dance of being in the present moment and the everyday but spending time support your future self and where you are going; to make purposeful steps towards that.To finally welcome into reality your wish list; the big and small things. The regular and the once in alife time.ALL OF IT!To switch up the narrative and question it. So often we subconsciously absorb the societal assumption that we are not ready or not good enough. We don’t have the money/time/energy/headspace/resources/support etc etc. We have to wait… until the perfect time. Spoiler alert, there is no perfect time, we can begin now from where we are and who we are. Maybe you need full permission to go for this next chapter. To make moves and finally follow your heart. To expect the unexpected; bizarrely when you gain clarity, little droplets of magic begin to appear. You will find a supportive, uplifting, encouraging space here, I can’t wait to see what you reveal.