How to find your ideal clients and work with them

‘If you are talking to everyone, you are talking to no one’ 

You’ve probably heard that phrase and maybe wanted to respond like I did…

‘BUT I want to help everyone’. 

When I completed my coaching qualification in 2013, I found niching down to be one of the hardest elements. I wanted to start a coaching brand so I could share my knowledge in lots of different ways. I didn’t want to have a point and press business model where I did the same thing for the same kind of people in the same kind of situation day in and day out.

I like variety. I like creating bespoke offerings. I like to keep things interesting. 

Maybe you are the same?

For example over the last decade I have worked with…

Founders, creatives, journalists, leaders, stylists, speakers, CEOs, digital experts, healers, teachers, medical professionals. RuIe makers (lawyers) and rule breakers (monetising non traditional careers; curating a portfolio career on their terms) innovators, technology trailblazers, dreamers, foodies, raconteurs, game changers, artists, designers, storytellers, strategists, wellbeing experts, band members who want to become solo artists

(aka 9-5ers to want to create their own gig).

I am constantly surprised and delighted with the variety of people, I have the honour of working with.

However I want to make sure I worked smartly not hard.

So I begun this work; spending time identifying

HOW I could help people in a more impactful way.

In this workshop; I help you to identify your ideal clients. However my approach isn’t just about viewing numbers on a spreadsheet. This is about understanding the human beings we want to serve. 

Perfect for you if: 

- You feel your messaging is all over the place and it could do with a big clean up

- You don’t have a consistent stream of clients

- You feel as though there could be a better way to work in your business and serve

-You feel there is a lack of alignment; maybe you are attracting people who don’t want to pay you or you feel there is a mismatch etc

This workshop will be one you can revisit regularly whenever you need clarity. Your resources, energy, time and deliverables are finite so you want to make sure they are engaging and wowing the ‘right’ people.