Welcome to you CEO day:

Let's Jam and Plan...

For big questions, big answers and moves...

Jam and Plan launched on the 8th June 2020.

At a time where everyone had big questions, needed big answers and big moves were required.

It was a time where so much was unknown; coupled with 'normal' life needing to resume as there were still very real adult responsibilities that needed attending to.

I have officially been practising in the 'self development' world for over a decade, and I am delighted that the industry is growing.

'Making a change' has been linked to being bold, making it happen and living your dreams.

I love containers of self discovery and business growth; where I dedicate a significant chunk of time to the 'journey' but often it isn't quite so aspirational or 'chosen'.

Sometimes change is needed. Maybe it was kind of needed yesterday but yesterday was spent ugly crying :)

Maybe there are very real bills that need to be paid and a quick action plan is very necessary.

Maybe there is no choice but to shake things up; you are not getting the results you want and yet you are working all the hours.

Maybe your circumstances have changed so therefore the way you work and live need to reflect and support those.

Here’s what’s inside the programme:

  • Your CEO day as a personal brand; an opportunity to dive deep into where you’ve been, where you are right now and where you are going. 

  • Big answers to your questions… by the end of the day. I know the efficacy of long term commitments but sometimes you need answers because you need results; i.e. you need to pay the bills (and you are not quite sure how you are going this yet this month)  or you need to unlock the next chapter because you know you are meant for more. Or internal or external circumstances have shifted everything you need to work in a new way.  

  • A sense of getting back on track and making your progress manageable and quickly. Life and business can be so overwhelming (and sometimes full of ugly cries) so having practical support that will unlock answers is reassuring.. I.e knowing what to do next. 

  • The time and space to fully check in away from the to do lists and email responses aka the busy work. Stepping into this different headspace will allow you to bring focus and attention in a different way. To ask bigger questions; to delve deeper to find an easier way, to listen intuitively to what you know you need. 

  • These sessions are purposeful, practical and bold. I first launched this course at the height of lockdown where families and business owners needed to be responsive and nimble. There is no ‘filler’ in this course, the contents get right to the point. The programme contains 4 x 1 hour sessions that can be worked through at your own pace.

  • This could be the nudge you have needed for a while to get back into the groove. You know that you have the ideas, skills, talents etc but this gentle encouragement and reminder will help you move into action. 

  • You begin today. No more wishy washy vibes; this is your opportunity to get back into the driver’s seat and make it real and make it happen :) 


Session one: Clarity/Reflection

How are you doing? What are you keeping/ditching? You wouldn’t just drive off without checking your mirrors and your current position. Where do you need to make moves and where do you need consistency?  What is next for you? You don’t have to map out the rest of the year. This has to be achievable in these times - not one that requires you to work 18 hours per day and hustle harder (I really hate that phrase!)


Session Two: Money

I am a big fan of ‘doing what you love’ but I also know that it is much easier when you are in profit and the money is flowing. This session will be about clarity. Once you know your number, everything else will become a process. I know it can seem crass to talk about money so that’s why I have created this space, so you can picture what your money story looks like for this year. I know it can be uncomfortable for some of us delving into our money, but I am here to support your growth.


Session Three: Be it, don’t sell it

You know I hate sleazy pants marketing and template ‘one size fits all’ marketing. One of the most popular questions I am asked is ‘how do I sell without feeling grim’. Don’t worry there is a simpler way. A way that will feel great for you.


Session Four: Visibility: The energy and marketing plan

People need and want what you have to offer- but perhaps they don’t know you yet. So let’s build a visibility plan that is aligned with your money goals and your life goals so you can make your work work for you.

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