A lovely scrap book of recent projects; collaborations, interviews, recent speaking gigs and recent features...

I absolutely loved sharing a workshop for the conscious beauty community. I delved into personal branding; your usp, how you can bring your whole self to what you do. Alongside the creative elements; I led some strategic planning around pricing, packaging and meeting your money goals.

I was really honoured to be invited on to the Lifetise podcast.

I often say there isn't enough education around creating your own income pie and so I always want to share what I know and what I have learnt .

I was invited to deliver a talk to the employees of MTV at Viacomm, London all about goal setting and setting intentions for the year ahead.

I spent a lot of my teenage years and 20s knee deep in Topshop so I was delighted to host this event and support the Arcadia staff

The most wonderful day with the most glorious weather. A beautiful group of woman. Loved it all…

' I know for so many of us when we become a parent, it sharply puts our working life into focus. What do we really want to do? How can make work, work? ' Nicky is passionate about helping mothers define their own version of success.We chat about:- Figuring it out as we go- How becoming a mum can help us get clear on what we really want and what success means to us- how a lack of time can actually be a gift- boundaries, saying no and asking for help - how becoming a mum helps us look at our expectations and limiting beliefs- knowing our worth, even in a new venture.

A guest blog by Nicky Raby, who helps women get back to work for a living. It seemed only a few minutes ago my colleagues were saying, ‘All the best with the birth, can’t wait to hear all about it’. Firstly…really?! Not sure all birth stories should be shared in a work environment while someone may be eating.Secondly, how has 8 months gone by so quickly? Life had continued as normal for my colleagues while I was on maternity leave. Meanwhile I hadn’t been out of the house for ten hours straight and baby-free for what seemed like years. I found it difficult to contemplate tackling a two hour commute without being close to my baby.However, part of me was looking forward to figuring who the ‘new me’ was – the one who had a baba but also loved her work. So off I went – with my breast pump, bags under my eyes and aches from being up all night. I stuck my game face on. Turned out my brain cells hadn't fizzled out. If anything, I was more focused and had more clarity about my life.

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