Short Term Coaching Options

Perfect for you if you want to get going.

Or try out coaching for the first time.

Or focus on one thing for a short burst of time.

I offer short term and long term options because I know we all have different capacities at different times.

These sessions are for you to pick my brain, get a second opinion, ask someone who understands, explore options and then make an informed decision, go through your website, role play (in a non-cringe way - I promise but just help you to feel confident and connected to what you are saying) a part of your business that feels sticky etc.

Basically I want you to be able to make some moves and be able to notice and feel a difference from our time together.

This experience is perfect as an introduction or if you are an existing client, an excellent top up.

I want you to gain clarity; to really turn up the brightness on what is on and what you want and have a plan to close the gap and make it happen.

There are four elements to our strategy session experience:

1. Prep work:

2. Our time together

3. Continued support after your 1:1 time with me

4. Additional resources.

Access to my library.

My monthly moves page is currently being redesigned, however I am still welcoming clients to work with me for a month.

Your results and objectives are very important to me- this is not a one size fits all method.

The best thing to do is to book a Declare and Share

session here to discuss what would like and then we can go from there.

Having a chat will give us an opportunity to get to know each and come up with a plan.

Or if you would prefer a self study option, find out more below:

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