Who I am...

Speaking to a live audience (online or in person) is one of my favourite things to do. I am a professionally trained actor with over 30 years of public speaking experience. I have worked extensively in the mainstream media and digital world building my podcast.

I am a story teller; I love breaking down concepts. I deliver excellent open questions and frequently hear attendees say ‘Ohhh now that makes so much sense, I’ve never heard it said like that before’.

I bring warmth, energy and kindness to everything I do because I want you to have a great experience. I am also very practical and support you through the next steps'; because I don’t want you to just learn and know the thing… I want you to do and be the thing! You won’t hear wishy washy life coachy rambles… this is about you not me. Q and A is one of my favourite parts; I love those aha moments of you revealing what’s next.


Being in person in a live setting with a lively audience is one of my favourite ways to spend some time; however the pandemic changed requirements and opened up so many other opportunities. It also changed my business. I had my busiest year of speaking all around the world from my desk at home in London.

There was such a need for connection; for clarity, for answers, for information.

I am London based but regularly travel nationally and internationally; so just let me know your requirements.

I am comfortable on large stages, intimate group chats, holding space for 100s on an online workshop or a fast and furious Q and A and lots of settings inbetween.

Although I am sharing some ideas below; the talks I create are bespoke every time. It is to important to me that the information is tailored towards the audience that are there. So expect lots of questions from me in advance about your objectives so I can meet them and deliver excellence.

I love to create and deliver inspiring and motivating content, however it is essential you have the tools to implement it, to know your next action and have the resources to build your strategy.

Recent collaborations have been with Stylist Live, Nat West, Dettol, The Collective, Lifetise, Motherkind, BBC Huckletree, Google,, Doing It For The Kids, Stretching the City, Kingston University, The Early Hour, The Huffington Post, The Stage and many of the popular Instagram blogs and podcast shows.

I have also produced and hosted over 700 episodes on my podcast -

The Success Pic n Mix Podcast.

The podcast is almost 5 years old and regularly features in global iTunes charts; including UK, Thailand and South Africa


and you can also view my You Tube channel


Example of how I can contribute to your event/team/organisation/audience/community: 

Defining your vision of success and making it happen…

Vision boards, goal setting, brainstorming… aka the The Big Picture Thinking that your future self is going to be so grateful for...

My speciality is helping you to get specific aka what do you want and what does it look and feel like. Secondly how could you make it happen?

Through powerful exercises and hot seating, this workshop will be invigorating, thought provoking and will wake up the 'Ooh wouldn't it be cool if...?!' part of you.

A perfect opportunity for the attendees to remove themselves from the daily pinging of somebody wanting something and step into an expansive state where your ideas, big plans and exciting dreams can begin to reveal themselves.

Creating a personal brand… Multi faceted. How do you show all the things you do without confusion. Defining your USP. Building your personal brand house. 

I have always worked for myself and had enormous highs (personal successes) and lows (lessons in hindsight). The conversation of Entrepreneurship is very much part of our landscape. Often it can be portrayed as the easy option; the flexibility is wonderful, however there must be a plan behind the vision. I believe mindset and strategy come as a pair…you can set huge exciting goals and a compelling mission but if your self doubt and insecurities are in charge, it is going to be very difficult to show up and make progress. Likewise meditation, research, pondering and brainstorming are invigorating but there needs to be a driving action plan so results are gained. Perfect for creatives, freelancers, small businesses and those with a portfolio career.

Getting Visible. How do you grow your personal brand?

I trained as an actor and so I am experienced in talking to live audiences. However I am naturally an introvert not an extrovert so regularly build on my skills. Perhaps public speaking is your worst fear or you want to work on your communication skills so you gain a positive result. Or maybe you want to increase sales, tighten up your negotiation skills or create rapport with a packed audience. Popular topics include body language, confidence, preparation, engagement, delivery and impact.

The money chat

You have your skills, talent, experience, knowledge, expertise etc but how do you begin to monetise or increase your profits- especially when there isn’t necessarily a guide book. What do you charge? How do you package? How do you deliver? I also love to chat about passive income and bring a new vibe of ‘Earn whilst you sleep’.

Feel free to complete the form below and share what you are looking for. Your email will be responded to within 48 hours and if a fit; a call will be arranged to discuss the next steps.


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