If you are a personal brand, there are numerous opportunities

that are waiting for you.

Speaking is a wonderful additional income stream and once you have things in place; the possibilities are unlimited.


The great news is you can begin straight away.

Maybe 'speaking' has been on your list for a while and you just need a bit of support and encouragement to get things moving.

Since I launched this offering in 2019 (and has been consistently updated every year to reflect changes), I have supported so many different industries.

So dig in, access everything immediately and let's get you to paid to speak; share your message and create an impact.

Plus I will be there by your side. This version includes a full analysis of your visibility, a 1:1 strategy session and full accountability and support following our time together.

Perfect for you


Live work

So if you want to be invited to deliver keynotes, workshops, masterclasses; let’s work on your offering.


Get Visible

Or if you want to create a robust video strategy so you welcome a constant stream of your ideal clients, let’s build your plan.



If you want to elevate your personal brand and reach a wider audience, I can support your growth… i.e. how do you land (and excel once live)  influential podcasts and press.


Get Hired and Paid:

If you want to figure how to navigate your offering; what you charge, how you deliver and the general speaker admin/politics… don’t worry there will be a way that will feel great.


Building confidence and communicating clearly:

Or if you finally want to make friends with your inner obstacles aka ‘I am not keen on public speaking, even though I know it is essential’ then this is going to be perfect. Don’t worry you don’t have to morph into a sleazy pants internet version of yourself, this is about doing things your way.


To communicate cleanly

To know exactly how to provide wonderful value to your audience, client, customers. No more guessing games. Instead you have a clear message that travels far and wide; even when you are not in the room.

To create an incredible impact

.Yes, you. From exactly the age and stage that you are at. To see and feel that ripple effect of the value you provide.

To be able to share your business to a greater audience.

Thank goodness we don’t have to go around with a sandwich board on our backs. We have the internet. Learning the craft of speaking can spread your message far and wide and bring in a multitude of opportunities.

You can create a new income stream

Speaking bookings can change your monthly revenue significantly and you don’t just get paid for live events, you can be hired to be speak from your office or sofa.

To welcome new customers.

A few years back, I spoke to 85 people and I didn’t have an existing relationship with any of them. Marketing terms, I welcomed 85 new potential clients into my world. The 'one to many people' model is much more effective time wise than having 85 discovery calls.

Speaking builds creditability, trust and people can see what you can do.

Websites are wonderful but people need to see the energised version of you aka how you can support their transformation.

You want to own your skills, talents, experience and knowledge but you have hesitations.

Imposter Syndrome, confidence dips, self doubt all come out to play and you want strategies to work with them (spoiler alert- they are likely to always come out to play but you can still progress). I can provide you with a go to toolkit to keep those in check.

Despite what you may think, I want to tell you a few things: 

You are ready. Exactly where you are right now. You are ready.You are perfect just as you are. Please start sharing. 

Someone needs to hear exactly what you have to say, in exactly the way you say it. It’s time we heard all the voices, not just a select few.  

I know you have valuable information to share that could help someone on an individual level or actually change the world.

I don’t say that flippantly. Someone is waiting for what you have to say, in the way you say it. They need to hear it from you.

Did you know that some people fear public speaking more than they fear death? I know, crazy eh? 

However if you want to increase your bank balance, your customer/client intake and increase your impact, there is a way you can find ease and flow with this that feels good for you. 

I know sharing who you are and what you do can be scary. I know you may be hiding and holding back and perhaps not showing all you know you are capable of. It’s understandable, we are programmed that way. To stay small, to fit in, to speak only when spoken to, to make sure everything is perfect before we take the first step.

We can discuss sales funnels and branding colours all day long, but if we don’t see you, hear from you, connect with you, the face of your brand/business, what you are creating can easily get lost. you become just another…another blogger, coach, content creator, yogi, social media person or worst of all ‘What does she do again?’

You may not have a goal of speaking to large stadiums of people but I imagine you want to reach your target audience, build connections, solve problems, make people feel less alone and more understood and create a sustainable business.

So many people shy away from speaking up. I’m not sure if it is years of conditioning that we should only speak when spoken to. Or it is not good to ‘show off’. Or we should just blend in. Or we are so worried about being judged, trolled, or fail or all of the above. 

I want to change this situation for you. I want to support you in finding a way to show up that suits your goals, circumstances, wellbeing and personality. 

I no long want you to be stuck in fear, procrastination or uncertainty. 

Welcome to Speak UP... with 1:1 support

Get access to my 8 module course to begin creating income and impact as a speaker.

Launched in 2019, this course has supported 100s of people to SPEAK UP and take their personal brand to the next level.

I don't hold back in this course, I share everything I have learnt, tried and tested and observed in the last 25 years as a paid speaker.

This content will always remain fresh and the resources will always be updated but there will only ever be one payment for you. The first one.

This price of this course is specifically priced because I want you to be able to get a return on investment and quickly. People have money to spend on you, so I know you recoup what you spend on this course very quickly.


You can have my full support.

I wanted to offer the opportunity for you to actually SPEAK UP.

Actually speaking will help you improve your speaking technique.

The Done with me version includes:

Full access to the course

Pre work from me and once received a full analysis of your visibility strategy

1 x 1:1 hour strategy session

following our time together, you have full access to a week of support. Use me for accountability, questions, another set of eyes, someone to feed back on your speaking portfolio etc etc

Let's dive into the programme and look at

what we will cover...

Module One: Brand You

Getting clear on your personal goals for your brand so we can reverse engineer the process. I believe in working smartly, not hard.

What is your big picture ‘that would be amazing’ vision? How could speaking and communicating well enhance this? Perhaps you could speed up the timeline of achieving your goals.

Refining your story; what do people need to know about you and can you share your expertise.Building anecdotes and tangible tips so you provide huge value every time you communicate.

Understanding your USP so you become the perfect person for the opportunity, coupled with a full understanding of your offering and how it differs to what already exists in your market.

Creating a strategy that will support you for the next 90 days so you showing up and sharing your message becomes a ‘non negotiable’

Module Two: Building an Online Home

Your unstoppable, holistic, full bodied online presence... on your terms. No templates. Not feeling like you have to be someone else or a weird, giddy version of yourself. You being you so you show up brilliantly for your ideal client/customer/audience.

We will use the information, we gleaned in Module One to put the strong foundations in place.

Firstly we will establish; your about page, your speakers page, your portfolio, and where and how you show up online.

These will be strong foundations that will support you again and again. I will help you identify your target market and create with them in mind.I know it’s only module two but here we get things up and running fast; you can tweak as you go, plus your next paid opportunity may just be waiting for this version of you.

Module Three: Preparing the Behind the Scenes

Some phrases you will never hear from me… ‘Just think positive’ ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ ‘Just get visible, it’s part of being online’.

Going live, putting yourself out there, getting visible is deeply personal. The process requires a brand new set of skills. As your goals and vision increase, quite often other ‘stuff’ can rise to the surface. ‘Am I good enough?’ ‘What will people think?’ ‘Is what I offer any good?’

As a qualified life coach, I will be holding a space for you and supporting you to find solutions.This work takes more than a high five and an enthusiastic ‘go for it!’.In this module, this is about setting you up for success.

Building a toolkit that feels good to revisit whenever you need it.In terms of visibility, it’s about playing the long game. I don’t encourage burn out or being everywhere then nowhere.

Imposter Syndrome may come out to play so let’s prepare for it. Think of this module of the warm up; the back stage moment. Getting ready. Preparing. Being centred and focused. Knowing the script. Being intentional. Operating in a confident way. All on your terms.

Module Four: Starting the Conversation

As much as it would be lovely for Google to ‘just find us’, I always work on the basis, I have to do my share of the work.

This module is about beginning the conversation and showing that you can do the job. You will hear me talking about being intentional a lot!In this module, we build a content plan. A sustainable way to share what you do, how you do it and begin to build rapport and engage with your ideal customer/client/booker. Not only will this invite opportunities but it will elevate your personal brand.

People you have never met will get to know you. They will buy from you.This is also not about getting busier or feeling like you have to be ‘online’ all of the time. I will show you how to optimise your content, without constantly feeling like you are on a content generating hamster wheel. Ease and flow are so important to me.

Module Five: Going Live

In this module, I will support you to create your menu of speaking offerings. Not only will this be wonderful for bookers to be able to handpick to support their event brief but also by you doing the work i.e. stating what you can offer (and having evidence to support that you are great at what you do), you increase the chance of someone making a speedy booking; rather than going backwards and forwards in emails.We are also going to be focusing on how your offerings can welcome other collaborations. Who would benefit from what you do? 2020 saw many of us staying at home; there is so much opportunity to create masterclasses, online workshops, courses etc and solve a specific query.

Module Six: The Speaking Admin

I have been paid to speak for the last 20 years and I have learnt so much; plus made so many mistakes.This module is dedicated to the admin of speaking. Quite often the parts that no one shares.

Money; what to charge, how to get paid, negotiating, expectations, what you should ask for…moving from a casual email thread to being confirmed. I will also talk about having an agent; do you need one? What are the pros and cons? How to find one, what to ask for and how to build a strong professional relationship.

We will also be going into detail about ‘exposure’, when you may want to speak for free, how to navigate awkward conversations, selling from the stage, maintaining your boundaries whilst remaining warm and generous. Plus social media, the long term and short term implications of the contract, how to build long term relationship, protecting your content… so much more. I will be bringing my 5 years of agent experience in too so I can show the behind the scenes from the agent’s and booker’s point of view.

Module Seven: Make it Real

Now it is time to build your workshops. Not just having them on a website:) What content are you going to share?Who is this for? What transformation do you want to impart?This is not just about sharing information. This is about creating an experience. We will talk about structure, presence, technology, audience interaction, q and a, what to share, the importance of storytelling…how can you make your offerings unforgettable and full of impact.

Module Eight: Podcasting and Press

Whether you are launching your own podcast or you would like to include ‘be featured on podcasts as an expert’ as part of your marketing strategy, you are in the right place.I have done both. I launched my podcast in January 2018; I have recorded over 300 episodes and had over 200,000 downloads.

My podcast regularly features in the top 100 business podcasts on iTunes.Being featured and shared amongst other communities will be a valuable part of your PR.  I have been invited onto many podcasts. Not only have have I been booked for the episode but as a result of the interview, I have been booked for future business.I know you want the practical results of speaking too. More clients. Selling your online products Momentum as part of your book promotion strategy TV appearances. Repeat bookings. Expanding your customer base. Increased followers. A connection. An inspiration. Offering a shift into possibility… sharing their story with an audience which prompted change for the listener… changed jobs, started the business, increased their prices.

I am going to share with you: How to build a wonderful offering… explaining how and why you will be a brilliant fit, even if you have a small following. How to present your online offering so you become an absolute ‘yes’ - spoiler alert, the first thing I do when I am pitched to is google them. How to pack your interview with value that will connect with the audience, no matter what the interviewer asks you. How to build a list of conversation starters so you don’t get lost in generic ‘I just think positively’ or ‘I just worked hard’ Your content needs to be useful!How to create impactful calls to action so the audience gains even more value and you build a relationship, connection, client.How to actually do this. How to take it off your to do list and take the action. This task may be something you are avoiding because you don’t know what to do or it seems too big. Don’t worry I am going to show you.

Ready to SPEAK UP?

Or if you would prefer to complete Speak UP as a self study course, find the details below:

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