Let's Speak UP

I am so delighted to share that I am hosting a live version of Speak UP.

If you are a personal brand, there are numerous opportunities

that are waiting for you.

Speaking is a wonderful additional income stream and once you have things in place; the possibilities are unlimited.


During the month of March I am hosting Speak UP Live.

I will be supporting you live every Tuesday in March

so you have support throughout.

My aim is that by the end of the month of March you will have everything you

and that you are ready.

Maybe 'speaking' has been on your list for a while and you just need a bit of support and encouragement to get things moving.

The programme Speak UP is always available but joining us live in March is going to great for you if you would benefit from some focus, a short time frame, some accountability and live, personalised support.

There are two ways you can join:

Feel free to click on each image to find out all the details

Option One


Full lifetime access to Speak UP

Plus the four live workshops


free access to two additional courses (£200) (valid until 6th March at 1pm)

Option Two


Full lifetime access to Speak UP

Plus the four live workshops


free access to two additional courses (£200) (valid until 6th March at 1pm)

Plus a 1:1 Strategy Session with me in person/online

Here's what you can expect.

Even though our time together is an hour, you are booking an experience.

My process is specifically designed to support you so you implement.

Prep work:

In advance of our time together, you will receive some work to complete and return to me. This allows me to fully prepare for the session and do my own work but also provides time and space for you to define where you are and where you want to go.

In our busy lives; spending time with your thoughts is hugely valuable and can bring enormous clarity. Plus when we meet, we will both have an awareness of where you are up to and where you want to go; so our time together can be focused and reveal the next steps so you plan for the results you want.

Our time together

You can choose whether you would prefer to meet in person (I am London based with members access to central locations) or online.

Either way I am excited to get started. Once I have received your pre work; I will share some suggestions of what to bring and how to prepare.

Our time together is one hour but the support continues straight afterwards and for a week. For the next 7 days after our session, I want you to implement; not just feel excited after our session :) You will have full access to me for those 7 days via email/what’s app (I love a voice note!). We can be in contact everyday if you like. Use me as a sounding board, an accountability partner, another set of eyes, a reminder that you are actually doing the thing. I want you to be blown away by how many moves you make and can’t wait to cheer you on every step of the way.

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