Speaking, communicating, becoming visible, creating content, going live, creating impact...

I have a number of ways I can support you with your visibility and speaking

(and help you get paid for it!)

If you are a personal brand, there are numerous opportunities

that are waiting for you.

Speaking is a wonderful additional income stream and once you have things in place; the possibilities are unlimited.


The great news is you can begin straight away.

Maybe 'speaking' has been on your list for a while and you just need a bit of support and encouragement to get things moving.

Since I launched this offering in 2019 (and has been consistently updated every year to reflect changes), I have supported so many different industries.

So dig in, access everything immediately and let's get you to paid to speak; share your message and create an impact.

There are two version of Speak UP: the self study version and a 1:1 version,

check out all the details below:


Or you can book an ask me anything if you have some quick questions about speaking...


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