20 exercises to supercharge your goals (and actually achieve them)

I know you have big dreams and 'Wouldn't it be cool if' plans.

Maybe you have dabbled in vision boards, or bucket lists or written a long list of resolutions every January.

But yet you are not quite seeing in reality what you want to be, do, have and feel.

When I experience that plateau in my own life, it is time to mix things up.

Despite being called ' a bit of a hippy' by my friends and family, I am very practical. I also like to be able to do something, rather than just wait.

I have been a coach for over a decade and coached thousands of clients. That has brought a lot of data. I can categorically say that goal setting and then achieving the goal isn't simply a point and press method.

We are human beings; bringing our own unique set of circumstances, personalities, habits, experiences and behaviours to the table.

So to simply say 'Just think positively' or 'Get up earlier' or 'Go for it' actually become stifling rather than motivating.

There is so much fear in the world at the moment and I am committed to my mission of helping to feel good and to be, do and have everything you.

I want to see you play big, find joy and be the person you know you want to be.

Because, you know, time is moving anyway. The weeks are galloping on by so if you can bring some more of you to your day, week, month, year, then let's do this.

When I talk about goals; they don't have to be big fancy ones (or maybe there are) they could be small, private and life affirming; something to make space for because you know this small tweak could actually change your life.

All the juicy details

Why 20?

Different goals need different support. I wanted to give you an enormous toolbox of exercises to play with that you can apply to your goals. This way you can pic n mix the support. I am a big believer at looking at situations from different angles to find movement in it... once it releases its feeling of stuckness there is wiggle room to move and uncover the next bit.

What kind of goals does the workshop work for?

These principles can be applied to be any goal. In the workshop I give you three examples of my goals (all very different) at the beginning to give you an idea of how you can reframe these and work for you. As a coach, I don't tell you what to do. So if you want to climb Everest, there isn't a step by step hidden training programme BUT the workshop will help you create momentum. To understand how you can move from where you are now.

I don't really know how to set goals?

Don't worry, there isn't a perfect way to do this... only a perfect way for you. In this workshop, I will help you find a way so you know what to do next. Once you have an indication of what the actions are... everything is going easier and less vague.

How do I get the most from the workshop?

My hope is these principles will be with you for a long time. I have included the video version and an audio version so you can use content in different ways. I often find that lots of big exciting ideas come when I am moving. Honestly I have so many moments on Hampstead Heath of 'Ohhhh that's what it is'. So you can watch the workshop from your sofa or alternatively download the mp3 and save it to you phone and take it on your walks or in the car.

So if you are ready to play, dive in. Once purchased, it is yours to keep forever and I hope it will be a loyal companion and cheerleader of everything you wish for yourself.