The Money One

Pricing and Packaging your Personal Brand

How do you do what you love and get paid for it?

Well… firstly you have to establish what you love and become very clear about what your version of success is.

Secondly you have to do the money work; the pricing, the packaging, the selling, the showing up, the delivering excellent.

But there is a middle bit that most people miss, that I want you to explore and that is how can you be of service?

How can you share your talents, skills, background, circumstances, experiences, USP, point of view in a way that is useful; maybe to educate, maybe to entertain, maybe to support, maybe to be in service and definitely to create impact.

Nearly 25 years ago, I understood the power of doing this work and I have helped 1000s of people to do the same. I have regularly guested on panels, hosted talks, workshops and podcasts to lead this conversation.

If you would like to do this work too; you can gain instant access to my online course below or if you would prefer to work 1:1, scroll down to my work with me page.

Here’s what we cover in this programme:


Uncovering money blocks/myths so you can begin this new chapter with strong foundations; feeling great about what you are offering and what you are charging. 

How to create your income pie and pricing menu; identifying

how you want to earn money and how your various offerings/services can complement each other whilst serving more ideal clients and meeting their needs. 

How to establish a strong personal brand that is known for delivering excellence; so you can operate effectively and be consistently hired and recommended. 

How to create compelling, engaging, ethical sales pages that convert but also truly represent you and your work and support your customer to make the right choice for them. 

Finding a pricing rhythm and letting the money flow in. Fears around pricing and charging can hold you back. We look at creating a comfortable structure that allows you to promote/sell with ease and integrity but also compensates your skills and efforts. 

To create offerings that are game changing and produce results and meet objectives… whatever they may be. 

To uncover any habits such as overdelivering and undercharging which may be slowing you down. 

How you can meet your next money goal now by reconfiguring how you deliver your service. 

How to attract ideal clients who will send you emails of ‘I am ready to book’ or ‘When can we get started’ and a consistent flow of sales, even when you are not working. 

How to prepare and excel in ‘Shall we have a chat’ or a discovery session for potential work. Granted the meeting may not be a right fit but knowing you have prepared and done your best will propel you onto the next one. 

Finding your flow around discounting and the conversations of ‘free’ and ‘freebies’. We dive into the psychology and the strategy behind this’ so you know why you are doing what you are doing so it is always delivered with integrity. 

Building confidence in your product/service/offering so other people will invest in you and incorporate a ‘success toolkit’ if your old friend ‘imposter syndrome’ comes out to play. 

Finding ease and flow with your pricing and packaging so you can meet your money goals and your life goals. 

To deliver from a full place energetically. One that represents your preferred blend of life and business. No burn out. No scraping back. No feast or famine. Just ease, flow and profit :)

To step into this next version of you. Where you play big. Where you build your dream life and business, not just think about it. Where you stand in your value and you knock your own socks off.