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This is the place to build your own pic n mix version of success that feels good.I want you to be, do, have and feel everything you want. You don’t have to wait, you can begin now…

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Make it real. Make it happen.

This is a place for bringing it all to life. Even though at this stage, you may have absolutely no idea HOW you are going to do.

I help you to turn up the brightness of all the bubbles of

your big vision for your life and business.

The vision boards.

The goal list.

The 3am repetitive thoughts.

The scribbles of inspiration on old receipts.

Your ‘maybe one day’ responses.

That you wish you were brave enough to explore now.

The ‘wouldn’t it be cool if’ ideas that come to you in yoga class but get shoved to the side because you have to get back to busy life.

The big ideas that knock your own socks off with excitement/fear but know are meant for you.

The simple ‘ahhhh that feels good’ moments.

The creative projects that you know need to be birthed by you… the ones that are meaningful, impactful and will change the culture and maybe the world.

The stories and perspectives that need to be shared; it is time for your skills, talents, background, story, circumstances, personality, USP to have a seat at the table and create some ripples.

Let’s discuss ‘Making it real’ first…

We know there isn’t one version of success for everyone.

I am interested in your version…

Making it real is about making it real for you. It’s about exploring and delving. Getting into the specifics of what your ideal version

of life and business looks like.

This work is a blend of being practical (aka making sure you can eat, live and thrive) but also being intuitive; getting back in touch with what makes you feel good aka the best version of you.

Getting into the nitty gritty of defining makes everything

more actionable and purposeful.

For example if you had ‘make more money’ on your goal list, I would encourage you to get into the specifics… How much?

What do you want the money for? How would you like to make it etc.

Once you know what you are aiming for; the moves you need to make begin to reveal themselves, you build momentum and you see progression. 

Then we move to part two; Make it happen…

Often part two can be the tricky part but once in flow, also the most fulfilling. 

I have helped thousands of people to begin.

To give themselves permission.

To explore an idea (without edits/restrictions) with oodles of post it notes.

To find an easier way. To collapse the time line. To bring some order to the ideas swimming around in your head.

To do this in a way that feels more like you. To have fresh eyes and energy. To become accountable so you follow through and become consistent. To have someone in your corner.

To actually find a way rather than just talking about it. To set yourself up for sFormuccess/ To release anything that is not in support of that vision. 

This is your opportunity to…

To start.

To make progress at your own pace. 

To make this your time as the days, weeks, months, years are going by anyway so you would rather make some moves rather than wait.

To find a level of support that suits you now.

To start to fill up your own cup again; because let’s face it, there will always be something or someone demanding your time, energy, money, resources, skills, focus, presence etc. 

To be in support of ‘future you’ alongside your current circumstances;

even when they feel far apart.

This work comes from my experience…

I remember being a teenager and making a decision (even though I had no idea how to action it). I wanted to explore what it would be like to actually love my business (I didn’t have a business then, just an understanding I would need to work and earn money) and life.

I didn’t want to be relieved at hump days or bank holidays or spend my work days counting down the hours to my next day off; I wanted to enjoy it all.

For the last nearly 25 years, that’s always been my north star. To create my own pic n mix and to help others to create theirs.

I have supported thousands of people world wide to do this through my work; over a decade as a qualified coach, my international podcast, as a global speaker and many more years as a strategist, a creative, a seeker, a storyteller, an advocate and an excellent secret keeper.

I don’t offer formulas nor do I have an agenda, I support you through a process to empower you to find your way.

I offer a lovely flavour combination of supporting your big beautiful dreams but also help you to create and implement practical steps.

I actively encourage you to work with your own goals, circumstances and personality and embrace them, rather than trying to squeeze yourself into someone else’s set up.

You will have your own objectives that you want to gain in our work together but here are a few that you can add into the mix…

  • Be personal and present; so you are here in the here and now in your life and business; enjoying the big and small things.

  • Be abundant; in every area, not just money. To have an overflow of energy, ideas, vibrancy, humour, creativity… to name a few.

  • Be booked; to know that you can create income whenever you need it and in a way that suits your goals, circumstances and personality- to be in your ‘zone of genius’ as Gay Hendricks says in ‘The Big Leap’.

  • Be scaleable; to help more people. To do deeper work. To earn passively. Whilst remaining energised and in flow.

  • Be flexible. Because you know life… alongside our big dreams, we likely have adult responsibilities or unexpected events so if we can be nimble, it can lower our stress levels.

  • Be intentional, be responsive, be lively. You have the opportunity to use your voice, to contribute, to be in the mix…

What’s your capacity?

This can help you to identify what you need. I want to meet you

where you are so you get results you want.

When I designed my offerings; I spent a lot of time thinking about who they were for.

The answer was the same: someone who want to create their own version of life and business based on their goals, circumstances and personality.

However we don’t always have the same capacity. Sometimes, we want one solution and don’t want to get out of our PJs and sometimes we want a longer commitment

so we can do all the things.

Over the years I have invested 1000s in my own development; I have done it all 1:1, memberships, courses, workshops, one off sessions, long term commitments, little and often catch ups etc. 

Often the ‘investment’ has been a stretch in all areas so

return on investment is always key for me.

I want to meet you where you are at, so you get the takeaways you need.

I don’t believe you have to spend 1000s to show the world you are serious. I know you are serious.

We can be ambitious but also pay attention to our circumstances as caregivers or breadwinners; we can pay attention to our mental health and financial scope and the world around us. We saw that in the pandemic so many changes were made whilst isolating or home schooling or trying to find some solace in unprecedented times. So ultimately I want my offerings to be manageable… so you actually complete them before overwhelm comes out to play.

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