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Come on in. This is the perfect place to begin making moves...

Perhaps you are looking for a specific solution, or need some motivation or inspiration or maybe just a reminder that what you want to be, do , have and feel is completely possible... because it is.

Hello, I'm Nicky Raby and I am your

Pic n Mix coach.

As you can see from my website, I do lots of things wearing many hats and you may be the same.

I structure the support I offer as a pic n mix you can choose from.

You getting what you need and the results you want is the most important thing.

How do you like to work? What do you need?

I know some people love 1:1 work, some love self study and some love a combination of them both. That's why I offer a pic n mix.

You can choose the way you make moves depending on your capacity.

There have been occasions where I have signed up to work with a coach 1:1 for a year- I could go all in and go deep.

Other times I have known I have needed the support for my life and business but I could only fulfil it from my sofa/bed in my jimmies with my wide awake babies.

What do you cover; how can you help me?

You can choose; some of my clients want to do the whole process of building success and life and business on their terms but others just need one solution.

We may talk about:

Navigating a portfolio career: Growing an online presence, the importance of personal branding and leading with integrity, excellence and care.

Goal setting: Ambition and carving out your vision; everything you want to be, do, have and feel. Creating your own version of success. Creating a business and life that works with your circumstances, goals and personality.

Money: Pricing and packaging your services. Creating and delivering your pricing menu. Multiple income streams. Combining your skills, talents, experience etc to create a unique offering.

Speaking and communicating: Building useful and transformational content to support your growing audience/clients/customers. Sharing your message in the press and media platforms.

Supporting your future self: Curating your version of leadership. Reinvention. Habits, behaviours and mindset. Regular moves to support long lasting change.

Creating impact and a ripple effect: Being useful, authentic, engaging and telling stories.

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